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Junior Book Club
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  • Give your kids a head start!

  • Only 4 places in each class

Day 1: Skimming, scanning & retrieving

Day 2: Predicting

Day 3: Inferring

Day 4: Justifying my view

Day 5: Summarising

Over the week we'll use different genres

Image by Guy Basabose

From phonics to fluency

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Transform your children's reading at home.

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Parents, if you want to help your kids with their reading,
this course written just for you is a

We have
lift off!


From phonics to fluency


Taking you on the whole reading journey from pre-readers all the way through to experienced readers. Practical advice, ideas and tips to help you help them every step of the way.

9 Units

Also available as ebooks!

How can I help my child learn to read?

This FREE mini course outlines  the reading journey from pre-readers to fluent readers and gives parents the foundation to begin transforming their children's reading at home.

Free mini course

How can I help my child learn to read?

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